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Storing your deck on its side?

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I have had my deck in storage since December. Been in the shed a few times since then and no issues. Went in today to find this on the floor.

My deck is a 54D

Wood Floor Stain Flooring Hardwood

seems the cap is maybe like a pressure relief valve?

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Oil leak

I installed my mmm today and did alot of mowing. I was concerned about the too hot to touch gear box on the mower. Over a half hour after mowing the box was still around 135 F. I removed the side plug and found the gear box full right up to the bottom of the side plug. For now, I am going to leave it as is and after mowing again I will recheck the temp of the gear box. I stored my mmm upright for atleast 2 months, and no sign of a leak.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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