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Stripped front axle vent plug, help!

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Doing 600 hr service on my 2013 1025r. The vent plug on front axle is stripped. First by a 4mm allen key, then by a Grabit stripped bolt remover bit--which was so hard it basically just shaved away any part of the screw that I could've tried to grab onto lol.

(talking about part no. 20 in this diagram,

I do have replacement vent plugs already, assuming I can get this out without affecting the threads in the housing, I'm good...

Any ideas for getting this thing out? The other side came out fine once I cleaned it...
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If you have a welder grab a nut with about the same size hole, set it on top of the plug and fill er up with weld. Let it cool then work it back and forth and should get it. If weld breaks you can just do it again. This has worked for me several different times.
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