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Stripped front axle vent plug, help!

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Doing 600 hr service on my 2013 1025r. The vent plug on front axle is stripped. First by a 4mm allen key, then by a Grabit stripped bolt remover bit--which was so hard it basically just shaved away any part of the screw that I could've tried to grab onto lol.

(talking about part no. 20 in this diagram,

I do have replacement vent plugs already, assuming I can get this out without affecting the threads in the housing, I'm good...

Any ideas for getting this thing out? The other side came out fine once I cleaned it...
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I know you want to remove the plug and I realize the manual says to but in my opinion the risk of getting metal shavings in the housing is not worth the reward of having it vent while you fill it. You could fill the axle up, drive around some then let it sit overnight, check fluid level, correct as needed. In a couple days check it again and add if needed. Just my 2 cents. Also, if I was determined to remove it I would put a 3/8 nut over whats left and reach down in the nut with a mig welder and weld the nut to the plug. between the heat and weld it will probably turn right out.

thank you, i'll grab an Easy Out

my concern with drilling through is that if you look at the parts diagram (or if you look down into the axle housing when you have the vent plug out as I did on the other side) you see that there is a major piece of your axle's gearing right under this tiny screw that is only about 6mm long. if you drill through, you drill into that expensive drivetrain part. then maybe you need to rebuild the axle :(
There is a vent plug on the other side but they really work independently. They vent the steering knuckles on each side so they fill up proper. the vents do help but oil will work down in the knuckles if you're patient.
I think flyweight is right on with how to fix this. FYI. You probably know but the grease will keep the chips from falling in. The welding would also work but doubt it is needed for this.

On line with what stevenk said. Is there a vent on the other side and are they connected by the axle?
Just remeber to check the level again after some use, you will probably find it is down a bit.;)
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