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I have a 1020 with a two stage clutch.
She has been a workhorse for years.
Last week, I parked it and it sat for a few days. ( Not unusual)
When I went to move it, the clutch would not release. I have done the adjustment to pressure plate as per the manual,tried chaining it to a tree and driving off with the clutch depressed. Also, when I depress clutch all the way it does disengage the clutch. Any thoughts?

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Also, when I depress clutch all the way it does disengage the clutch. Any thoughts?
First stage clutch is stuck.
Other than the "Chained to a Tree" trick, I've placed the gear selector(fancy word for Shift Lever) in 6th gear and used a remote start button. This will bypass the Neutral safety switch, so be extra careful.
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Be very careful.
Make certain you're in an open area, sitting in the operators seat, with no one around.

Lock the individual brake pedals together.

Carefully start engine using remote button.
Once the tractor begin movement, throttle the engine to get up to full speed.
Fully depressing the clutch pedal.
Once up to full speed in 6th gear, forcibly hit the brake pedals a few times. This should unstick the clutch disc.
If you have no luck in 6th gear, try 8th gear.

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Remove front rd inspection cover on clutch housing & rotate engine inspecting too be sure none of the 3 operating finger adjusting bolts have broken.
On my 2030, single clutch, I had one of the levers on the pressure plate break. Pedal was 1/2 as hard to press, but clutch still disengaged. I had to split and install a new pressure plate. I could not find just the levers.
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