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Hi, My STX38 yellow deck has the correct John Deere brand drive belt installed, but the belt gets too loose to turn the pulley on the mower deck when I lower the deck even a little. It acts like its worn out or stretched out, but I've taken it off and measured it and it is correct. The tension spring is engaged, but not stretched out at all. I bought the mower used, maybe a prior owner replaced the pulley on the deck with smaller one to change the blade speed? Does anyone know where I can find out what diameter the pulley should be?

On a possibly related note, the engine mounting bolts all came out and the engine was riding around unrestrained for a while. I replaced the bolts and the engine seems stationary now.:rolleyes:

I'm probably going to buy a smaller belt, but wondered if anyone else has had this problem.. and knows what to do to fix it?

Thanks in advance!
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