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Suggested Auction price?

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I found an auction for a JD 3 pt Tiller that had been used on a 425 series JD Tractor. My 445 has nothing but the tractor and the mower deck. On rear: just a large black U shaped steel bracket with a trailer ball mounted in middle. Nothing for adapting front or rear end equipment. No extra hoses either.
-- What additional adapters or parts needed? Guessing: 3 pt hitch at least!
-- Looks to be in good shape, see pics. Auction at about $400. New, it appears these go for around $2500 without the 3 pt hitch.

What should my top end offer be?


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From what I can tell on the pics it appears it is hydraulically driven, so can't I use the hydraulic output on front left side of my 445 instead of PTO?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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