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Suggested Auction price?

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I found an auction for a JD 3 pt Tiller that had been used on a 425 series JD Tractor. My 445 has nothing but the tractor and the mower deck. On rear: just a large black U shaped steel bracket with a trailer ball mounted in middle. Nothing for adapting front or rear end equipment. No extra hoses either.
-- What additional adapters or parts needed? Guessing: 3 pt hitch at least!
-- Looks to be in good shape, see pics. Auction at about $400. New, it appears these go for around $2500 without the 3 pt hitch.

What should my top end offer be?


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Your hydro outputs near footrests don't have the flow required to run tiller. It appears to be hydraulic tiller so don't need rear PTO. The pump on these mounts under the tractor where the mid-PTO shaft comes off heading to mower deck. There is a bracket required to hold the pump (shown in pic) in place.
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