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1025r with Mauser cab.
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I would try to "chemically weld it" with a JB Weld product or something similar as dwellon mentioned. If that didn't work, I would take Big's approach. I am not familiar with how that actuator mounts, but as long as the securing loads aren't all placed on the repair area, it just might work.

I know I would be hard pressed to spend $1,650 for something which still worked, but was "broken". The other suggestion would be to contact the actuator manufacturer directly and see if their website offers any repair parts or even send then an email or call them. There has to be a solution short of an all new actuator....

Make sure to let us know how it all turns out and what you try and whether it works or not as I am sure eventually, others will encounter a similar issue with an actuator.

Also, welcome to GTT .
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