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Superior Tech Sprayer choice for 1023r - pressure controller?

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Hi all. New to the forum. I have a 1023r and recently purchased a ST sprayer from my local JD dealer. I conveyed that main criteria were: 1) the need for a pressure controller based on some assumptions below, and 2) a boom. I was directed to the LP20840. When I finally got around to installation, I discovered my model does not have the pressure controller. That would be the LP22886. They offered to swap and charge me the difference in price. The upgrade would be $965+300 (for the optional boom) versus the version I have at $860 (includes boom). So the upgrade would be another $400. Disappointing, since probably I would have chosen an off-brand instead of $1265. But now I'm stuck...expensive version that does what (I think) I need, or a less expensive version that does not.

I maintain ~1 acre with some moderately steep hills and many overlapping turns. My searches strongly suggested having pressure control to adjust the amount of chemical on the fly to prevent over-applying fertilizer or weed killer in overlapping areas. Also, I will need to adjust my speed on sloped areas. Without the pressure controller, I cannot compensate.

Did I come to the correct conclusion the first time? Looking for recommendations. FYI, I'm not an experienced tractor driver, so that might play into things.

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I went with the pressure sprayer and never adjust it. Just set it around 40 psi and go. Also, I went without the Boom and have the 3 spray heads on the back of the sprayer and it sprays well at about 15 feet wide. You can test the spray width and volume with water, on pavement so you can easily see the spray width of the heads without the boom.

I know this is going to sound obvious, but I have seen two different people struggling to determine their spray width of the non boom sprayer as their driveway pavement wasn't as wide as the spray pattern. I suggested they spray ACROSS their pavement at 90 degrees, instread of driving down the driveway, so the width of the spray could be seen. Seemed obvious to me, but apparently it wasn't to them.

BTW, I really like the sprayer.....and I also went with a 12v spreader for the fertlilzer and like that as well, as its out front and you can see exactly where you are throwing the fertilizer on turns, etc......I went with the JRCo spreader, but its on my Zero Turn mower, instead of my have to watch the fertilizer and clean the equipment well afterwards as the fertilizer can be quite corrosive.......
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