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Superior Tech Sprayer choice for 1023r - pressure controller?

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Hi all. New to the forum. I have a 1023r and recently purchased a ST sprayer from my local JD dealer. I conveyed that main criteria were: 1) the need for a pressure controller based on some assumptions below, and 2) a boom. I was directed to the LP20840. When I finally got around to installation, I discovered my model does not have the pressure controller. That would be the LP22886. They offered to swap and charge me the difference in price. The upgrade would be $965+300 (for the optional boom) versus the version I have at $860 (includes boom). So the upgrade would be another $400. Disappointing, since probably I would have chosen an off-brand instead of $1265. But now I'm stuck...expensive version that does what (I think) I need, or a less expensive version that does not.

I maintain ~1 acre with some moderately steep hills and many overlapping turns. My searches strongly suggested having pressure control to adjust the amount of chemical on the fly to prevent over-applying fertilizer or weed killer in overlapping areas. Also, I will need to adjust my speed on sloped areas. Without the pressure controller, I cannot compensate.

Did I come to the correct conclusion the first time? Looking for recommendations. FYI, I'm not an experienced tractor driver, so that might play into things.

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I have a sprayer that I put together myself. I think it runs about 30 psi . I use a boom less nozzle that spays about 8’ wide. I mostly spray 2 , 4d with it . I played with calibration a bit by spraying just water over a measure distance on my road. Traveling as fast as my tractor goes in low range seems to work fine for me.
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