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Supporting Vendor Guidelines

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Supporting Vendors
Vendors may post sales threads in the supporting vendor forum. Like all members, vendors are also subject to the general rule of a single post per topic. Sales threads may not be posted outside the supporting vendors forum.

Vendors may make posts about products in already-existing threads where they feel a product they sell will be well-received by the members reading the thread (subject to forum moderation if deemed necessary).

Pricing is not allowed on the site other than in your company forum. Please keep all other pricing to private message. Spamming people in private message is not allowed.

Group buys must have a start and end date.

The basic vendor package includes 1 supporting vendor user. A second one can be purchased. Only one business can use a supporting vendor status and they can not be shared.

What is a sales thread?
- If the thread is substantially about something you are selling, its a sales thread.
- If it is substantially about something you plan to sell, it is a sales thread.

Why do we do it like this?
Our members value the quality of their experience here and feel that quality would be diminished if they had to wade through advertising to get to the information they are expressly seeking.

This does not mean that advertisers are unseen. Advertisers may comment on their own products as they see fit in threads all over the forum. That means participating in the dialog, where your products may help with the issue under discussion and you explain how and why. Be advised though that blindly advertising -- talking at people as opposed to talking with them -- could be considered an intrusion into their conversation at best, or spam at worst.

Bottom line: Be a part of the community and not a billboard.

No matter where your posts are, they still go onto the New Posts screen, which is the single most-visited screen on this site. People *will* see what you have to offer. If they do not respond its probably not because they haven't seen the thread. You are allowed to 'bump' a thread once in a 24-hour period, assuming no one has posted into your thread in the last 24 hours.

Vendors are protected under the same rules that apply to the general membership. We do, however, encourage discussion and debate over vendor products and services. Vendors are allowed to engage in this debate but the topics need to remain focused on the products/services.

Vendors are welcomed as contributing members of the community. However the realities of this medium and competition creates conflict between competitors. As a result, vendors are held to a more restrictive standard with regard to their freedom to comment on other vendors or other vendors' products. In short: say nothing negative about any other Supporting Vendor or their products. "say nothing" includes innuendo, smarty-pants remarks, surprisingly catastrophic test results, poisoned cigars or any other creative tactic that the creator thinks is too clever or subtle to be caught onto by the staff. Here again the spirit of the law is what matters, and final judgment is left to the staff as to violating content and the sanctions that may be imposed. Additionally, ordinary members who choose to engage in conduct that is deemed so extreme that they are a vendor's proxy combatant -- be it out of enthusiasm for a vendor's cause, or any other reason -- can result in those members being treated as vendors under these guidelines.

Green Tractor Talk reserves the right to reject a vendor's application for Supporting Vendor status, or to terminate an existing Supporting Vendor if they violate these rules and ignore warnings.

Green Tractor Talk has the right to amend the rules if circumstances dictate at any time.
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