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Hello everyone, I was riding across my lawn yesterday and unconsciously I was dry opping down the bucket and curling it back when I decided to video it.

I remember a little while ago someone brought up the age old debate that the 1025r can or cant raise or lower the fel AND tilt or raise the bucket at the same time.

Well I filmed Betsy doing both. Dropping the fel and tilting the bucket back. Also raising the fel and tilting the bucket.

I also do it while driving forward or backwards but I didnt video that. I shake way to much and dont want to drop my phone! Lol

Now to try n post video. Ok I can't get it to post on here.

On youtube I labeled it 2 functions and another 2 functions 1. One of these days I will figure it out. Its on my page. Wentonbrown

Idk? 馃馃

IIf someone can tell me they found it that would be fabulous!

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I've heard its easier to split functions repeatedly with hydrosplus kit installed.

I didn't have any luck searching for your video.

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I couldn't find your video either. But I have found the sweet spot also. They say it's not there but it is. Just gotta move your lever slow & you'll find it. 馃槈

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As I understand it, you can't do two "force actions" at once. Gravity is helping the FEL lower or bucket uncurl. So you can lift and uncurl or lower and curl. But you can't do those same actions to apply force. i.e. you can't lower the FEL and uncurl to lift the front of the tractor.
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