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Synthetic Oil in older tractors?

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So I have started a side business of working on and restoring older tractors. I have put up some pictures on here in my gallery of one of them. I am getting a lot of people who want thier oil changed over to synthetic. Is it OK to run synthetic in a 4020 or 3020? Some people say it shrinks the seals, others say it will leak because its so much thinner. Other say its a myth. I would really like a good answer I can give my clients an feel confident that I am telling them the truth?
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Oil is one of those topics where everybody has an opinion. From a purely mechanical standpoint, i see no reason why there would be a difference if the viscosity is the same. I also have a hard time believing that oil companies are using additives which are not compatible with seals commonly found in a engine. I say go for it. I run syn in everything i own.

Don't know if i can refer other sites so mods delete this if i cant but bobistheoilguy is a good site for oils and lubricant discussions.
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