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Synthetic Oil in older tractors?

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So I have started a side business of working on and restoring older tractors. I have put up some pictures on here in my gallery of one of them. I am getting a lot of people who want thier oil changed over to synthetic. Is it OK to run synthetic in a 4020 or 3020? Some people say it shrinks the seals, others say it will leak because its so much thinner. Other say its a myth. I would really like a good answer I can give my clients an feel confident that I am telling them the truth?
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I am appreciating this thread very much. I find the discussion very helpful regarding the oil we use in our tractors and our other vehicles. this is very good maintenance discussion.:thumbup1gif:
Again I have appreciated the discussion here. My dad back in the 70's became a dealer for and started using Amsoil AMSOIL - Synthetic Oil, Motor and Engine Oil, Lubricants, Air Filters, Oil Filters and Greases. I remember the stuff was really expensive but the thing that they touted was better gas mileage,that the engine would last longer and the fact that you did not have to change it as often etc so in the long run it was suppose to save you money and time. Those were the things that I remember were suppose to be the selling points. Well he didn't sell that much of it so it only lasted a couple of years and he started using regular oil again.

My 2011 Sienna came with synthetic in it and that is what I have kept up with on their recommended change at 10k miles. The first 4 were free. I will be coming up on the 50k mile change here shortly. I will be finding out what it cost for an oil change. I am guessing at least twice of what a normal oil change would be.
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