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Tapatalk will not let you view attachments without logging in for each view

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Title says it all. It used to just view attachments without issue. Now attachments show in the thread as blank. When selected, you are redirected to a login screen. I believe this has been the case since changing to GTT.
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Please try it again now.
Line of code seems to have disappeared after our recent forum upgrade.
No change. Attachments still show on threads as blank and when selected you are redirected to a login screen. A new window popped up telling me there was an app available for the site, Tapatalk. Funny part is, I was using Tapatalk. :lol:

Thanks for your patience and hard work here Tech Guy. We appreciate it! :thumbup1gif:
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I tried to upload an attachment from my phone last night and tapatalk told me it did it, but it never showed up? Maybe these two are connected.
Quote from Tapatalk support :-

It was confirmed as a cookie issue when request the image source.
It needs app side upate to get it fixed, and it's nothing related to your forum system version.
I cannot view any attachments. Click to download then view and no picture. Today downloads will freeze.

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Seems like they are still having problems with the latest version of TapaTalk .. take a look, but it may also be the App version you're using on the cell phone !?
I still have the issue with my iPhone. About 50% of the photos on the forum appear as generic white boxes. When I select the box it redirects me to a login screen.:dunno: I'm still waiting for an iOS update to tapatalk.
I have a Droid razr and mine is flawless so far. I have been searching the site trying to trip it up.

Sorry guys!
I went to the "$6 rear utility light" thread and I can view the diagrams only. The other pictures ask to be downloaded and they do not work. What do I need to do?

If I use the browser instead of tapatalk I can do and see everything. My other tapatalk forums don't have this issue with pictures.

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Pictures are still a gamble. Some still don't show. Those that do render better. They fixed a few bugs but not the original issue. Overall Tapatalk is a good app.

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Just updated to the latest version of TapaTalk 3.3.2
Let me know if you're having any further problems.
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