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Temperature gauge problems 4510

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Hey everyone. I have a 2004 4510 FWD that today started showing the temp needle all the way into the red. The water pump is ok. The water in the rediator is warm, but not scalding like the gauge would indicate. Called my local dealer and they assumed it to be the sensor located on the water pump. They said they had one in stock. I purchased it ($81 bucks) and replaced it. Started the tractor up and all looked normal...til I proceeded to drive off and noticed the gauge was all the way over to HOT again. I put my old one back in and continued to cut grass, when I noticed the gauge was showing normal again. While I was looking at it, it went back to HOT again instantly. Obviously some electrical problem. Now they are't sure if it's something in the wiring or the gauge itself. What are my options here, and what could be the problem? Thanks.
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Change your thermostat ASAP before you cook your engine. :good2: They're cheap and it's most likely the cause of your trouble.


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After re-reading your post a few times, I need some more info. You said the radiator was warm, was the engine? Had it run long? If the engine wasn't run long or not hot, I would agree with Kenny. Try unplugging the sensor with ignition on and engine warm but not running and see what result you get. If the gauge goes full hot, you probably have a bad wire connection somewhere. If the gauge reads full cold, then the cluster may be bad as Kenny suggested. Do you have a service manual? They can be extremely helpful in situations like this.:good2:
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