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Temperature gauge problems 4510

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Hey everyone. I have a 2004 4510 FWD that today started showing the temp needle all the way into the red. The water pump is ok. The water in the rediator is warm, but not scalding like the gauge would indicate. Called my local dealer and they assumed it to be the sensor located on the water pump. They said they had one in stock. I purchased it ($81 bucks) and replaced it. Started the tractor up and all looked normal...til I proceeded to drive off and noticed the gauge was all the way over to HOT again. I put my old one back in and continued to cut grass, when I noticed the gauge was showing normal again. While I was looking at it, it went back to HOT again instantly. Obviously some electrical problem. Now they are't sure if it's something in the wiring or the gauge itself. What are my options here, and what could be the problem? Thanks.
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Hi. Sorry my first post is a Necro-bump. I tried the search function but got nowhere.

I'm having a similar situation with my 2008, JD3203.
How can I tell if it's just the temp sensor ($85) or it's the gauge / dash cluster (~$500) that is bad?

My son said it went into the red while he was shredding, so he stopped to let it cool. I checked/cleaned the radiator screen and after cooling, verified antifreeze was full and looked good.
On restarting the temp gauge went to 1/2 and seemed to stabilize, I continued shredding, closely monitoring the temp. Eventually it went to into the red so I shut down.
After cooling, I thought maybe the thermostat was stuck, so I just removed it alltogether.
Restarted and the gauge went into the red immediately. No way it overheated that fast, pulled back to the shop and verified coolant was barely warm (I opened and stuck my finger in the radiator.)

With engine cold and not running, key in the On position:
- Gauge reads just below the red (Hot)
- Removed the wire from the temp sensor and the gauge (slowly) drops to the Cold position.
- Put a test wire from the temp sensor wire to ground and temp gauge goes all the way to Hot.

1. Does this mean that the temp sensor is bad?

2. How do I test the temp gauge in the dash?
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