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We used to have a "Did you find this post useful" icon on the right of every post for members to show appreciation for a useful post.
This did not really provide a good visual indication for the post that had been nominated by a member. The member who made the post received a notification that his / her post had been liked and there was a small indication on the post which consisted of a small number increase, hardly visible to the next person reading the post.

So we've now changed that to a Line
located on the lower left of every post which will provide an immediate addition to the post easily viewed by all who view the post.
Try it on this post and you'll see the change.

You can also view the number of 'thanks' a member has made and received by clicking on their username and viewing their profile.
It will also show your thanks made & received on every future post you make.

Please don't use this as an alternative to making a post. It is simply an extra tool to show your appreciation for a members useful addition to DeereTalk.


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Nice addition Tech Guy:thumbup1gif:
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