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The 2305 got a new toy

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I know I haven't been around much since I joined.. but any how here is a new toy I got for the 2305 ..

Got it at less than a 3rd of new price.

ALL I have done to it was set it up for the Imatch Hitch change the gear oil and sharpen the blades.. It really needs new ones but for the past summer and sitting all winter I figure they will be fine. Next year I will look at new u-joints and blades..
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Actually, That was paint that they company that made the trailer had on it. I have since had to replace the floor.

I ended up spraying new paint on it and using treated lumber and attached the new floor to the trailer with 3/8 carrage bolts front and back. Maybe I should make a new thread for that. I have pics I can post later.
Nice little unit!

Sorry to take this off topic, but did you use a deck stain or just black paint on the trailer boards? I have been soaking mine in diesel and used diesel oil. Mine are almost as black as yours right now.:tongue:
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