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The long unanswered, often questioned iMatch compatibility mystery has been SOLVED.

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By yours truly today.

How may times has this question been asked over and over again :dunno: : I am so tired of typing out long answers and trying to explain it-so today I finally took pictures to set the record straight-there can now be no more debate on this subject.

Is my trampoline iMatch compatible? :laugh:

Today I was mowing and needed to move mine, so I took a couple pictures just to have fun.


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Looks like it worked like a charm. :thumbup1gif: Thanks for the pics.
That's why your the man- when you have a problem you jump right on it :good2:.

Reminds me of the "Will it Blend" site... "Is it iMatch compatable?"

Still another use for a QH. I was filling small depressions around my row of pine trees that are spaced 20' apart. The bucket was full of fill dirt.


Oh man, this could turn out to be quite the thread. Don't have any "off the wall" uses for my QH, but the wife gets me to take bags of garbage up to the waste bins in my FEL, does that count :laugh:
Similar to Matt I have used the QH to transport a string trimmer.
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