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The "Perfect Deere"

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So, with all this talk about the 2011 machines being released today...what is your perfect Deere?
This is mine:
  • Start with JD110 As the Base Machine
  • Paint it JD Green & Yellow
  • Make the Hood Styling more like the 3x & 4x20
  • Cab/Instrumentation/Interior from the 3x & 4x20's
  • NO Hoe
  • Plenty of Hydraulic Options... I hate the stupid diverter setups, so in ADDITION to the 2 Loader circuits, I'd like 1 dedicated circuit on the loader for grapple buckets, etc.. and 3 circuits on the rear.

If Deere released that tomorrow, I'd proably put my garage build on hold and trade my 3520 in.
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I kinda like the hoe.

If you do all that - sounds like a 4720 cab.

If you do all that - sounds like a 4720 cab.

You think so?
I'd much prefer the solid loader of the 110, and the 110 is Physically right between (IMO) the 4x and 3x... True, with a factory cab, I'd like to see the height...
Add the Yanmar Diesel and the better hydraulics and I'm sold.
As for a hoe...I'm not a hoe fan...I'd rather dump a few extra bucks into my Hoe fund and buy a nice used Mini-Ex.
The perfect Deere to me, right now, is the one that I ordered.... There is only one problem with that tractor, the way I currently see it.

The tractor seems to be stuck on Deeres assembly line.... If it were perfect, it would be in my barn.
One with a cab that has heat and AC!
One with a cab that has heat and AC!
3520 CAB, MMM, 300CX, Power Beyond, Flail Mower, MMM, Dirt Scoop, Log splitter, diesel caddy, aerator, sirius, internal speakers, so far,
What I have found is the 110 is a little light in hp but the way it is setup with the side console, fixed fel and auxillary hydraulics is very good. I considered going the mini excavator and compact wheel loader route but that is two round trips when trailering, so the 110tlb won out. As for the 4520 I find I prefer to have this for the multitude of 3pt tasks unemcumbered with a fel. Being able to share implements between the two units is as close to perfect as I have been able to get so far.

Maybe a 110 with a 60 hp engine would be better? Maybe, this would be better for the tractor functions if you use it as an all in one machine but as it exists the 43hp nonturbo works well for backhoe operations.
I never find my 4520 short of engine power. Sometimes the FEL could be stronger, but what FEL couldn't be stronger?

All around the 4520 is a great tractor. The size and e-hyrdo makes it great for close work.

The biggest draw back is non buddy seat. I would like to take one of my kids with me. The 5525 has that, but no e-hydro.

I really wanted another 5525 so I would have 2 tractor to cut or bale hay if one breaks down. We had the AC go out in the 4520 the first year and my wife raked with it. She was like - that power reverser is no big deal. Man, I wish I could have gotten hear to say that before we bought the 4520.

All around - great tractor. Shorter wheel base and being lighter - it can beat you to death in a rough field. On the other side it is easier to haul somewhere.

Personally I think a 5xxx tractor with e-hydro would be the bomb.

Always trade offs - could do a lot worse than a 4520 cab.

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I would give alot more consideration to a 5XXX with ehydro too. This would be great to leave at the ranch for use there and could bring in the others if and when needed. Figure about 90hp would be the ticket and I could use it occasionally on the larger landscape jobs.
There ya go - 90hp or so with e-hydro and a slide out radiator and coolers. That would rock.

I love my 5525 tractor - very little I would change or add to it.

Oh all the talk about those 4x20's and 5xxx series just can make a person a bit GREEN around here :C LOL!

I did really want a larger unit, but they are too big for my property - well ok, way too big for my property. :D
How big is your place?

2.25 acres, 1.5 of it grass, the rest split between house gounds and forest and animals (locals and transients) :D
Now if I had 5 acres, then I would have went for a 4x20 series LOL!
You have the right size. Cab is the same anyway.

Yeah, but the 4x20 series is pretty stable without mods.
Why no hoe? I can see when there are times it gets in the way but those times when you need it nothing else will do!
Now are we talking the "hoe" that moans when not paid? :) :laugh:

I find the hoe with a thumb, the most versatile tool I have :) I would not have a TLB without one....

Mini-ex's are great but usually exceed the price of a backhoe attachment by a wide margin...(talking new all around of course)
Why no hoe? I can see when there are times it gets in the way but those times when you need it nothing else will do!
2 words... Mini-Ex.
They just dig 2x more, 2x handier, and its always ready to go...for approx the same price as a new hoe (used mini-ex).
Yeah, its not fair to compare new to used...but for the amount of time I'd use the hoe/mini-ex... its hard to justify new.

I dunno...I just think that backhoes have priced themselves out of the market.
They ARE Handy....My dad has one on his L2900. Back in the day, they werent expensive at all.....I think he paid 2500 for it (1 year old used, independent pump/tank). At that price, I'd re-evaluate my stance.

I just see it as its gonna cost 10k to dig holes...take your pick....dedicated machine or a very expensive piece of ballast.
Can't argue about the price, you got me there but I figure over the years all the use I'll get out of it with the thumb sways me.
BH, FEL and a snow blower make my life very, very easy and at my age that's a big plus. When I was 40 or 50 I'd tackle any project or used machine but now it's not so easy to climb around something that isn't new. I have 36 mos. at zero percent and that covers it, the BH goes on or off in 5 minutes and with a front blower I can leave it on all winter with the benefit of the extra 1500 lbs helping my tires dig in.



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