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The "Perfect Deere"

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So, with all this talk about the 2011 machines being released today...what is your perfect Deere?
This is mine:
  • Start with JD110 As the Base Machine
  • Paint it JD Green & Yellow
  • Make the Hood Styling more like the 3x & 4x20
  • Cab/Instrumentation/Interior from the 3x & 4x20's
  • NO Hoe
  • Plenty of Hydraulic Options... I hate the stupid diverter setups, so in ADDITION to the 2 Loader circuits, I'd like 1 dedicated circuit on the loader for grapple buckets, etc.. and 3 circuits on the rear.

If Deere released that tomorrow, I'd proably put my garage build on hold and trade my 3520 in.
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If you do all that - sounds like a 4720 cab.

You think so?
I'd much prefer the solid loader of the 110, and the 110 is Physically right between (IMO) the 4x and 3x... True, with a factory cab, I'd like to see the height...
Add the Yanmar Diesel and the better hydraulics and I'm sold.
As for a hoe...I'm not a hoe fan...I'd rather dump a few extra bucks into my Hoe fund and buy a nice used Mini-Ex.
Why no hoe? I can see when there are times it gets in the way but those times when you need it nothing else will do!
2 words... Mini-Ex.
They just dig 2x more, 2x handier, and its always ready to go...for approx the same price as a new hoe (used mini-ex).
Yeah, its not fair to compare new to used...but for the amount of time I'd use the hoe/mini-ex... its hard to justify new.

I dunno...I just think that backhoes have priced themselves out of the market.
They ARE Handy....My dad has one on his L2900. Back in the day, they werent expensive at all.....I think he paid 2500 for it (1 year old used, independent pump/tank). At that price, I'd re-evaluate my stance.

I just see it as its gonna cost 10k to dig holes...take your pick....dedicated machine or a very expensive piece of ballast.
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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