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The "Perfect Deere"

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So, with all this talk about the 2011 machines being released today...what is your perfect Deere?
This is mine:
  • Start with JD110 As the Base Machine
  • Paint it JD Green & Yellow
  • Make the Hood Styling more like the 3x & 4x20
  • Cab/Instrumentation/Interior from the 3x & 4x20's
  • NO Hoe
  • Plenty of Hydraulic Options... I hate the stupid diverter setups, so in ADDITION to the 2 Loader circuits, I'd like 1 dedicated circuit on the loader for grapple buckets, etc.. and 3 circuits on the rear.

If Deere released that tomorrow, I'd proably put my garage build on hold and trade my 3520 in.
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Now are we talking the "hoe" that moans when not paid? :) :laugh:

I find the hoe with a thumb, the most versatile tool I have :) I would not have a TLB without one....

Mini-ex's are great but usually exceed the price of a backhoe attachment by a wide margin...(talking new all around of course)
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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