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The "Perfect Deere"

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So, with all this talk about the 2011 machines being released today...what is your perfect Deere?
This is mine:
  • Start with JD110 As the Base Machine
  • Paint it JD Green & Yellow
  • Make the Hood Styling more like the 3x & 4x20
  • Cab/Instrumentation/Interior from the 3x & 4x20's
  • NO Hoe
  • Plenty of Hydraulic Options... I hate the stupid diverter setups, so in ADDITION to the 2 Loader circuits, I'd like 1 dedicated circuit on the loader for grapple buckets, etc.. and 3 circuits on the rear.

If Deere released that tomorrow, I'd proably put my garage build on hold and trade my 3520 in.
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Why no hoe? I can see when there are times it gets in the way but those times when you need it nothing else will do!
Can't argue about the price, you got me there but I figure over the years all the use I'll get out of it with the thumb sways me.
BH, FEL and a snow blower make my life very, very easy and at my age that's a big plus. When I was 40 or 50 I'd tackle any project or used machine but now it's not so easy to climb around something that isn't new. I have 36 mos. at zero percent and that covers it, the BH goes on or off in 5 minutes and with a front blower I can leave it on all winter with the benefit of the extra 1500 lbs helping my tires dig in.



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