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The "Perfect Deere"

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So, with all this talk about the 2011 machines being released today...what is your perfect Deere?
This is mine:
  • Start with JD110 As the Base Machine
  • Paint it JD Green & Yellow
  • Make the Hood Styling more like the 3x & 4x20
  • Cab/Instrumentation/Interior from the 3x & 4x20's
  • NO Hoe
  • Plenty of Hydraulic Options... I hate the stupid diverter setups, so in ADDITION to the 2 Loader circuits, I'd like 1 dedicated circuit on the loader for grapple buckets, etc.. and 3 circuits on the rear.

If Deere released that tomorrow, I'd proably put my garage build on hold and trade my 3520 in.
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I suspect most on this thread have an occasional use for a backhoe as I do. The more you use one the more you appreciate the features on a larger unit such as seat configuration, reach and larger buckets. That said even a small frame mount unit can be very handy to have on some days. For my uses the 110 has been a very flexible machine, seems to be able to do everything I ask of it on a year round basis.

The 4520 with all three hydraulic circuits run to the rear hitch handles most of my 3pt tasks well too. I guess I am fortunate to have these two machines to work with as they make a great pair.
I should add that for the work I do the pair above works well in most cases but lately I have considered two more machines to round out my equipment. An X749 mower and the 210 landscape loader would be great additions to the stable. The vast majority of the time the 210 would be more useful to me than a 5000 or 6000 series tractor which I have thought about buying.

Guess there is no "perfect machine" just some are closer than others.
I would love to have a hoe, but man it would sit most of the time. I don't need more stuff to store, maintain, etc. So, I figure I will just rent when I need one.

I'm with Darin on that one. A hoe would be cool; but I rent a mini-ex when I need one.
Yep, every so often, I have a need for a Backhoe, but not enough to want to get one - no place to store it either.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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