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The Start of our ranch adventure

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Some one is going to have to explain to this old man how to post photos so I can show ya'll our new to us 10 acres.
We will most likely have to move out of the house we are in unless timing is perfect.
I need the equity we have here to modify and add to the 1800 sq ft new and never used Morton barn
I am told construction, running gas & water lines etc will take four months.... so the next great adventure begins.
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Perfect score
3 nice barns ,acreage ,pond ,creek

and no with that or not...cheaper taxes

Why did it have all the barns?
were they running cows or what there...grass looks like something has been eating it
Nice Trailer..

Conex boxs have doubled ++in price up in Oregon.
I'm right outside Portland so theres plenty ..or was.
Part of the Port closed...Most the containers are up in Seattle.

Used to could get a 20' for near 6k now.
Not sure on the 40'.
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Your in the wrong part of the globe for a deal.

Watch CL......or that evil fb place...maybe you can score one.

Containers are a mess...there all sitting on boats in the bay..Commiefornia.

I'm a ford Fanatic....strickly 8's old school...the 6's doo go...just don't doo EV please. lol
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Found out from a neighbor today that dish network is available in our neighborhood. So that's what we will do for TV.
Curious what your DISH will be.

Ours just went to $ 150.......was 99 a few years ago......No changes and not much for channels.
We pay for NO xtras...probly got some package idk...its been toooo long ago

At one time you could get every channel they offer for life for 110 or ss...I forget.

Its a rip off at best......We have no option for Cable...driveway is too long.

Recently got netflix which helped and is free for...well till its not legal anymore in USA.

Bummer with that is No news channels........Not that the news is werth watching..just sayN

And no espn ...all I care about is racing stuff...wife likes the football of which 99% is on ABC ,NBC or that other c
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Radiant heat lines...?

Is that a thing there?

Can add the rest later....put whatever in that floor B4 the Pour
What is that cap to the right of fuel cap?

Why did they leave a hole when you can raise the hood?

My hood flips forwards....Maybe yours is traditional hinge and lifts Normal...idk
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Probly the goofy paperclip on the right.

I have No idea....couple more slots to right is a "link" embed thing....No idea what they doo
Yep...That makes sense
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