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The Start of our ranch adventure

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Some one is going to have to explain to this old man how to post photos so I can show ya'll our new to us 10 acres.
We will most likely have to move out of the house we are in unless timing is perfect.
I need the equity we have here to modify and add to the 1800 sq ft new and never used Morton barn
I am told construction, running gas & water lines etc will take four months.... so the next great adventure begins.
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Nice property NICE buildings...............sort of like heaven IMO. Good for you. (y)
Excited you bet! Nervous yup. We are truly blessed!
Only 5.5 miles due south of where we live now in an HOA. I can’t wait to leave and spend what time we have left on “the ranch”.
10 acres - lots of pasture.
JD Clutch Doc → Please read : Gator DRY Clutch System and the Use of...
Who is the clutch rehab guy that does the rehabbing of the 550 clutches? Please advise me.
If they are both hooked to the same panel, keep us posted, I've never seen that done.
I bought two 10,000 watt generators for the barndo. I will have the electrician wire them in.
I had a company deliver the wrong stuff to me once, I had them come back and get it.
Need crusher run so that it compacts.
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