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The worst thing to do with your backhoe

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Last week I had to use my backhoe to bury my dog Joey. He was a wonderful companion for me to the end. He will be missed for sure.


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Sad Steve, very sad. My thoughts are with you.
I'm very sorry for your loss. Pets are one of the family. You are correct, He will be missed.
I am really sorry to here of your loss Steve. How long did the two of you share your lives? Pets are great they are loyal to you no matter what.
Wow, that would be a difficult job to do Steve. I am very sorry for your loss. I know not everyone likes cats but we have 3 cats and life would not be the same at home without them. I have contemplated looking for a dog in the last year too. Joey reminds me of a dog that I had when I was growing up. Was he a chow/shepherd mix?
I'm very sorry for you. The down side of pets is their shorter life. The up side is they pack so much joy into everyone's life while they are here. I'm sure you know this but I'll remind you that with time, the good memories will scour away the grief.

Steve, so sorry to hear of your loss, and indeed, a tough thing to do...
Thanks for the replies guys,

I found Joey after a long search in a no kill shelter in Los Angeles CA. Drove over to pick him up in Feb. 2006 expecting a young dog, got there and found out differently, he was about 5 years old. He had been in the shelter for over 3 years, made the decision to adopt him anyway as it appeared no one else was going to. So I had Joey for five wonderful years, he never caused me any problems, never made any messes or damaged anything. Rode shotgun with me often and guarded my trucks and premises starting with the first day on.

Joey was a Husky Chow mix and was my second of this breed. Both of these were such good dogs I will be searching for another one, hopefully a puppy this time.
Sorry for your loss. It hurts nomatter what. Finding the next friend will help.
When my best friend Maxie left me it hurt for a long time. I feel bad for you jenkinsph.

I keep My Maxie boy's collar on my bed post, I still grab it and talk to him from time to time, always will.
I am also very sorry for your loss.
Very sorry about your loss jenk. I lost my dog Sergeant on Good Friday, 2009. We were finally ready to get another dog three weeks ago. We never forget our co-pilots. No matter how bad the day is, they always make you feel better when you get home at night. Rescued dogs are great friends.
My sincere condolences.........

Had dogs all my life, and I was the one that had to make that last trip to the "vet" for the 'sleep-needle'. Generally by myself, driving home with a 'tear-soaked' steering wheel. Believe me when I tell you...I feel your pain! The wife is now into a couple cats. Although they aren't anywhere near the companionship of my years of German Shorthairs, they do entertain, have distinctly different personalities, I've learned to tollerate (OK, Enjoy) their antics. I've oft thought about another dog, but that 'final-mile' drive is something I really don't want to re-live. ~Scotty
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