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Thinking about buying a sprayer

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I know that it is kind of odd to be thinking about a sprayer while in the middle of winter but it generally takes 2 - 4 weeks to ship these things. So now I am looking for input from the my fellow Deereheads.

I have a few options.

1) I can buy the 25 gallon JD unit for my X540. Advantages are that (a) it is a bit smaller; easier to navigate around the flower gardens and trees, (b) since the 540 has turf tires, it would be easier on the lawn. Disadvantage is that it has an electric pup

2) Second option is to buy a Fimco gallon unit for my 2520. Advantages are (a) 3 pt; (b) higher gallonage so fewer refills. Disadvantages are (a) the 2520 has R4s so it would be harder on the lawn; (b) bigger so a bit clumsier in tight spaces; (c) electric pump.

3) Fimco 55 gallon for the 2520. Advantages are (a) 3 pt; (b) higher gallonage so fewer fill ups; (3) roller pump driven. Disadvantages are (a) R4 tires harder on lawn; (b) clumsier in tight places; (c) most expensive option.

The JD unit is $440; the 40 gallon Fimco is $384 plus shipping; the 55 gallon Fimco is $680 plus shipping.

Any and all input is appreciated.
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I too use a 26 gallon boomless sprayer on a atv to spray my lawn. Not sure of the brand, I have had it for 10 years or so. It came from fleet farm. I may put it on my 1026r in spring. A 55 gallon sprayer seems really big for a lawn.
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