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We gathered and sold #2 steel and cast iron scrap (pieces of several old discs that had sat unused for decades along with other rusty debris) that had been accumulating. Did not make us rich, but covered the fuel for the round-trip and bought four of us lunch. It now gives us access to more field to mow.

I also pulled some downed, dry limbs and tree trunks to nearer the home fire pit, giving yet more access to grass that had not seen a mower blade all year. While mowing in the woods with my RFM, I stopped after a minor bog-down, raised the deck, shut off the engine and inspected. I thought I smelled burning rubber, found the belts intact and correctly tensioned, and nothing trapping the blades underneath. I mowed the flat part of the acreage in preparation for a family reunion tomorrow, despite the humidity and heat.

It's about time to sharpen the blades again to maintain cut quality.

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