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Thoughts on Pallet Forks Needed, What's Best?

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I thought I was decided on what brand to purchase but having second thoughts. Somewhat because of availability and also what can each system do.

Okay, Artillian isn't sure when theirs will be available and I have a lot to do now and ordered on 9/4 and possibly available on 9/24. Also can you share what the available options offer? I liked Artillian for the Stump Bucket and 2" receiver option. What do others offer? What brand has the most options?

Also what are price differences?

I appreciate your help!
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I bought Artillians from Chris at his house. I live close so free shipping. My #1 consideration was weight and I will say I have maxed out lifting ability of the tractor countless times, probably in the hundreds, so if moving a lot of weight is in your future then you should seriously consider starting out weight. With all the options the Artillian frame sold me and I can say it will take whatever you try and make it do. Fork length is up to you.
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