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Thoughts on Pallet Forks Needed, What's Best?

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I thought I was decided on what brand to purchase but having second thoughts. Somewhat because of availability and also what can each system do.

Okay, Artillian isn't sure when theirs will be available and I have a lot to do now and ordered on 9/4 and possibly available on 9/24. Also can you share what the available options offer? I liked Artillian for the Stump Bucket and 2" receiver option. What do others offer? What brand has the most options?

Also what are price differences?

I appreciate your help!
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Pallet forks are pallet forks. The lighter the better (more capacity) Artillian's are on the lower end of weight and the frame is a building block for other options (Grapple, plow) . If those other options are something that you might want, might be worth waiting. If those options are not of interest, I'd look at the deere (Frontier) products. Good luck.
I've got the Titan 36" without headache rack (375 shipped, I think) and they've been great, they arrived quickly and have held up just fine aside from some paint chipping. If I were doing it again (or now, since the Frontier forks weren't an option at the time) it would be hard to not consider the Titan's at the previous price point. However since getting them I've added a quicktach plow and the 3rd function outlets so the Artillian platform would desirable, but overall I still think it's too much last time I priced it out. The only unique positive would be the loader mounted plow option, but the forks, grapple and loader mounted plow option versus getting all three from JD/Frontier are likely pretty darn close in price, if not cheaper, when factoring in the cost of the JD plow, quicktach, angling cylinder, etc.
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And mine have KBOH horns on them now!
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@MattL those are way more than $375 now
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Don't get me wrong, if the opportunity presented itself to get the Artillian's at a reasonable price, I'd likely be all over it, but ordering from Curtis/Artillian after factoring in shipping and Artillian Premium (which is justifiable) it's just not the right value for me.
I bought Artillians from Chris at his house. I live close so free shipping. My #1 consideration was weight and I will say I have maxed out lifting ability of the tractor countless times, probably in the hundreds, so if moving a lot of weight is in your future then you should seriously consider starting out weight. With all the options the Artillian frame sold me and I can say it will take whatever you try and make it do. Fork length is up to you.
This might be the best thing I've read today!!!! Thank you!! I know what I'm doing this weekend!
Whichever forks you get, do the simple little mod of lengthening the cutout in the center for removing the forks from the frame to let you remove both of them at once from the tractor seat. I wish I could remember who posted that a while back so I could thank him again, and I haven't even done it to my own fork frame yet!
I'm not aware of any "tractor" pallet forks that lock in place on the bottom.. Put the on in the center and slide left or right as needed and set the top pin.
I have to say, I'm underwhelmed by my Artillian forks. They lock in place on the top, but not on the bottom--they can and do move on the track. I've tried to pick up items such as a balled tree, and as I drive the bottom of the forks start to spread and the tree drops. There should be a locking mechanism on the bottom too. If you're just lifting pallets, they will work fine.
Lift your loader up so the fork tips clear the ground, point the forks down (dump) - this will take some weight off the bearing surfaces making it easier to move them. Not sure how you're using them but in my use which includes pallets, digging, prying etc, I've never had them jam as you describe. I don't have the Artillian forks but they are all of the same basic design and function.
I didn't know that. Probably if I did I might not have bought them. I've had them spread enough they jam and I have to smack them with a sledge to move them. I'm better off just using my bucket to move most things. A $1600 lesson.
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