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Thoughts on the Thumb for the 260 backhoe

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Any thoughts out there on the thumb JD as come out with for the 260 backhoe on a 1026R? Are their other options folks would consider? How much is it to get installed at the dealer? Is it worth the cost or not. I do have a lot of tree and brush clean up. Thanks much.
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Hydro thumb would be my vote.

Any thumb is better than none.

With a fixed thumb.......things need to be in perfect spots to "pic" them.
As in you need to move a few inchs forward or reverse to get to the grab spot.
This is easier done in a mini ex than a tractor.
Learning curve for sure....
Then realize you can only move (object) x degrees left or right....Unless the plan is to carry the object.

Grapple for the similar money is likely a better buy.

Not sure what projects your going after.

Hydro thumb on my mini ex was 1800$ 15 yrs ago nearly......No clue on todays cost for your machine.
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Well......that does not sound user friendly for the money...
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