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On my 4320 when I am using any three point equipment I have found an issue I would appreciate some help if anyone knows...

The three point as most of you know has numbers from 1 (completely down) to 6( full up).

When I move the lever from full up in the down direction, the entire movement takes place between 6 and 4. If using a blade or a tiller, I would like to have finer control than that. Is there an adjustment that will increase the range of the three point control lever?

Does this make any sense?

Oh...first time poster...Hi to y'all from western Missouri!

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Welcome to Green Tractor Talk!

When I first got my 4520 I struggled with the little bit that I was able to lower the three point. I was tilling and if I hit a bump I was raising the tiller off the ground. After a few posts on here I found that my adjustable side links were screwed all the way up. Once I lowered them down, I had much better control.

There is only one adjustment on our tractors that I know of and that is for the height that the three point raises. That is nice since the side links can adjust how low it goes. let me try to find my old thread on here to help you out.

I do feel the same as you, the top part of the stroke on the lever seems to move the hitch more than the bottom section.

On edit:
This thread is not exactly on what you are talking about, but what i did to make mine correct made the use of it easier and the significant lift that is hard to control is now at the very top of its movement. They also shortened the lever in 2011 and it makes it harder. I have been thinking of buying the older longer lever to make it work easier.
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