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Thumbs Up! to Deere Parts!

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In the process of assessing the new plow that Dave recommended to me, I have found a few pieces that are wore and some that are broken. Its to be expected since its a 60 year old piece of equipment.

So I tore apart the hubs since the furrow wheel was a bit sloppy. There are no bearings in this, just bushings (I will take pictures later). The bushings have been NLA for some time.

JD parts has been great for this. I can get the part numbers for anything and see how things were put together and even find out what i am missing.

First I ordered some shims. They were an odd size and it was easier to order from my dealer. They had to order them, but I can get them today. Yesterday, I called about the hub bearing since mine is broke. I thought i would ask, just in case. They did a search over the US and found one in Iowa. They gave me the number to the Iowa store (Barker Implement) and I called. They had the part and it was in a pallet box ready to go to scrap. They found it for me and it will be here tomorrow. Pretty sweet! What other company will give you a parts list and might stock a part for something that has not been made since the 1950's!

Very Sweet to be able to get it although I doubt I will use it. I spent a little time last night with a machinist who is going to make some custom ones for me to make up for a few spots that are wore for me. Its cool to think I found the last hub in a JD store for this plow.

I hope Deere keeps this up as it is great for working on their equipment!
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I get razed for "paying a little more for Green" by in-laws (they buy red) and co-workers. My dealer is only 10 miles away but I hardly ever go that direction. When I stopped in for a couple of filters and they didn't have everything in stock I told them just to ship em to me. Next day or so I get home from work and there they are in a paper JD parts bag by my garage door. NO extra charge. That's the kind of thing that builds customer loyalty in my book!
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