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Thumbs Up! to Deere Parts!

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In the process of assessing the new plow that Dave recommended to me, I have found a few pieces that are wore and some that are broken. Its to be expected since its a 60 year old piece of equipment.

So I tore apart the hubs since the furrow wheel was a bit sloppy. There are no bearings in this, just bushings (I will take pictures later). The bushings have been NLA for some time.

JD parts has been great for this. I can get the part numbers for anything and see how things were put together and even find out what i am missing.

First I ordered some shims. They were an odd size and it was easier to order from my dealer. They had to order them, but I can get them today. Yesterday, I called about the hub bearing since mine is broke. I thought i would ask, just in case. They did a search over the US and found one in Iowa. They gave me the number to the Iowa store (Barker Implement) and I called. They had the part and it was in a pallet box ready to go to scrap. They found it for me and it will be here tomorrow. Pretty sweet! What other company will give you a parts list and might stock a part for something that has not been made since the 1950's!

Very Sweet to be able to get it although I doubt I will use it. I spent a little time last night with a machinist who is going to make some custom ones for me to make up for a few spots that are wore for me. Its cool to think I found the last hub in a JD store for this plow.

I hope Deere keeps this up as it is great for working on their equipment!
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My thoughts exactly... Heck my FIL can still get parts from the dealer for his 1952 420C (I think its a '52, its around there anyways)...
Not cheap dont get me wrong, but expensive parts are better then NO parts.
I've often wondered why not EVERYBODY has a similar site...or heck, at the very least GIVE away Parts Catalogs with the purchase of anything built with parts, LOL. They only stand to make sales, and if anything, helps out at the dealer. My parts man LOVES me...walk in with a printed out list, only business question he asks is "Stock order?"
Agco & CNH have joined the fray...believe me when I say it, the JD one is FAR Superior to the CNH version...but at least they have it.
I like JD Parts web site, and use it almost exclusively for my parts needs. I wish other manufacturers had such a good web site. Are you listening Ford and Honda?
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