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Tillers! Forward VS. Reverse Rotaton. Which works best?

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4 different soil conditions tested. Is there a clear winner?

Garden Tillers: Forward vs Reverse Rotation? 4 Distinct Tests
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I have been doing a lot of tilling lately with my forward rotating Chinese tiller. I have learned to raise and lower the tiller while I'm moving to eliminate the ditch effect.

Today I lowered the tiller on a second pass. At the end of the row the tractor started to slow and I notice the front tires spinning. I looked back and realized I forgot to engage the PTO and was just dragging the tiller along not spinning. It had a big ol pile of grass and dirt in front of it. :) I don't normally turn the PTO off when I raise and lower the tiller so after stopping for a moment it slipped my mind.
I admit I didnt get all the way through, so you might have answered this question.

Which didnt “ditched” less. In referring to at the end of the row when you raise the tiller, there is usually a large ditch.
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