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Tillers! Forward VS. Reverse Rotaton. Which works best?

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4 different soil conditions tested. Is there a clear winner?

Garden Tillers: Forward vs Reverse Rotation? 4 Distinct Tests
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I admit I didnt get all the way through, so you might have answered this question.

Which didnt “ditched” less. In referring to at the end of the row when you raise the tiller, there is usually a large ditch.
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No dont apologize, I had to go to work hahahahaha! Im the boss, and me sitting in my office watching youtube isnt the best message ha!
Sorry. We got a bit too long winded in ‘Round #1’.
I put chapters in to allow folks To easily advance to the next rounds.

I think the ‘ditching’ you talk about is worse with reverse rotation, as not only do you have a ditch, you also have a pile of dirt in front of that.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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