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Tough question really...IMO every tool has its job. Without knowing the job at hand, I couldnt say one way or another.
Even with a Tiller and a Power Rake here, this summer I wouldnt have minded a disc to take care of some buckwheat I had planted as a soil ammendment... IMO while the tiller does turn the soil nicely, its sometimes a little too aggresive for my super sandy soils...Last fall I planted winter rye, this spring it was spotty & patchy (as for the soil...think dark brown beach sand :mocking:) I just wanted to scratch the surface enough to let some buckwheat seed take hold and with the rye there somewhat established, it was holding a little moisture in...A disc woulda done that for me...

Same story as Plow vs Tiller.....Used to think I had the world by the tail with my tiller in the garden....I now only till in the spring, and plow in the fall. I can already tell you that weeds will be MUCH better controled and I am building my soil up much better with the shoulda seen the hardpan I pulled up.
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