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Tillers versus disks, what say you?

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I noticed that most people seem to prefer a disk to a tiller and have been trying to figure out why. I think alot has to do with the low ground speed when operating a tiller and well people just get restless.:unknown:

It seems that most would need to pull a disk and make three or four passes with it at 6 mph or one pass with a tiller at 1.5 to 2.0 mph. I have used both disks and tillers and prefer the tiller for my current uses. I was recently comparing a Frontier 1508 pull type wheeled disk and a 1396? or 1308? 3pt disk to the Deere 681 tiller. The wheeled disk is kind of pricey but all the wheeled disks I have used have done a better job. Both of these disks are with 22" notched blades front and rear.

Which do you prefer and why? Assume an equal comparison for tillage depth and consistentcy. How many of you have both a good disk and good tiller to compare results?
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Kinda old thread, but thought I would ad to it.

I own both a disk and tiller. The disc is almost 7 foot wide and most of the time its too 'big' for my rows of trees on 8 foot centers, tends to take out the seedlings with very little sway'n action and needs extra passes or some sort of harrow or drag pulled behind to leave a nice smooth surface, wich a harrow or drag really likes to flatten the seedlings

With the tiller, wich mine is almost to small 48", It is more in control, leaves a smooth finish one pass and works better if the clay is set up a little harder. Draw backs are more fuel, wear on a higher maintenance implement....but get more seat time 'not a draw back':lol:

I would probably not even have the disc, but the price was right....:tongue: Really looks good lined up with the rest of the uh tools:lol:

The pic is a shot from the seat last fall tilling the rows between the seedlings. The field is four acres worth of seedlings, took a while with the 48" tiller having to make two passes each row.

But the results were rewarding with the smell of fresh worked earth and a clean, smooth field.:cool:

Anybody have a 60-65 inch tiller they look'n to get rid of:question:


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