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I wanted a tilting flag pole so I found two pieces of salvaged 2" pipe $50, and bought the lower and upper 3/8 plate I'm thinking was around $28? and an old 4' piece of 4" I beam that was concreted into the ground it cost $10.

The rope, ball and hardware I bought on line from a flag supply store, around $50.

The first picture is the two end supports ready for welding

2nd picture is the tilting plate tacked up

3rd picture is of the hold down bolt.

4th picture shows the bottom of the hold down bolt welded to the plate

5th picture shows a cut in half 2" coupling that is used to put the weight of the pole on the bottom plate after the pole was plumed up.

6th picture shows the 4" square tube I used for a gusset.

7th picture shows it welded up

8th pictures shows the tilting base concreted into a 40" long piece of 12" galvanized culvert

9th picture shows my jewel clamp, I use it to weld two pipes together. I used it to add 6' of the second pipe.

10 picture shows the completed pole being painted with Columbia Fiber Coating metal roof paint.

11 picture is cleaning up after the job was finished

Guys I hope it makes sense I'm pretty tired. :good2:


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Nice build! Thanks for sharing the pictures:good2:

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Thanks kenny and Randy. I have more project photos I'll post as I get time to edit and compress the pictures.

Nice pole Randy, and I never heard of telescoping flag pole before, thats not a bad price for a 20' poll and

I wanted a tilting one so I can bring it down to paint it and change the rope when necessary. A store bought tilting flag base alone cost hundreds of dollars, way more than I wanted to spend for a flag pole. It's not fancy but it strong and able to take a mower hit where an aluminum tilting base I have doubts could.

The flag I have on it now is a 5X8, everything looks small in the country. :laugh:

Got my airconditioner fixed today, $650 just for a new infinately variable fan motor. It's Trane high effeceny system, it's about 11 years old now, first problem i've had with it but it's and expensive first problem. :)
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