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Time for new tractor delivery

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this forum. I have just been reading and have seen several references to "new tractor finally arrived" but I don't know what that means. I ordered a 3720 cabbed unit on October 18th. What is a resonable time for this to be delivered? Dealer says it should arrive about November 23rd yet as I look around the internet it looks like many folks have waited a couple of months for delivery. At any rate I would appreciate hearing what your wait time was!
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What are you guys ordering that causes this? I guess it just makes me wonder whats going on? I know theres no shortage of 3x's Here in Maine. I drive by my dealer every day to & from work, they have at least 5 open 3x20's on the lot, and 2 Cabbed this morning. Monday when I went down to another dealer to get my generator, they have PLENTY of them as well. 2 weeks ago I drove by yet another JD dealer and they had plenty as well....Safe to say if I wanted a 3720, I could have one in my driveway by nightfall...
Exactly my thought too :drinks:
I was starting to get bent out of shape when the wheelweights I wanted on the tractor took 2 weeks to get...the tractor was on the lot...but it took a week for the SSQA to arrive and the wheel weights they ordered the first time around were the 110 lbs, which dont fit the rims of the large R4' the correct weights arrived on the following week's truck. I woulda had my tractor in a week had it not been for that mistake...No biggie, as a gesture of good will, they installed all my accessories for free (Original deal was I was going to self install the work lights, radio kit, Wheel Weights, etc...).
I guess I am in tractor country. I have never had to wait more than a week.

What I like about the CD version is I can print off the pages I need and I dont need to worry about getting them dirty...if i spill oil on a page or two, no biggie, i'll just print off another copy!
Actually handier because I can just bring the page with me and with a magnet stick it somewhere where I can see it and still do what I need to do.
I didn't ask about the CD version since I would rather have a hard copy that I can take to the tractor if need be.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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