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Tips to remove plug.

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Getting ready to change the trans/ hydraulic fluid and filter on my 2955. While I'm at it I want to pull the plug out and the screen that is behind the filter housing. It takes a very large allen wrench, hope i have one that big. Looks like it has never been removed as the paint still covers it. Past experance with these allen type plugs make me worried I'll have problems. I know i need the correct size wrench, could it be metric? Just hope it pops loose. I would be tempted to use a impact if i could rig it.
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All I have come across are square 1/2 drive and just use impact or breaker bar. If it is Allen I would get the correct size Allen socket for 1/2 drive use an impact or breaker bar.
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In a pinch, you could also use an opropiatly sized bolt/nut as an Allen. Metric or SAE. would need to set up a day or two in advance. Use a bolt with correct size head. Place a flat washer on bolt with nut tighten down on the washer weld or jb-weld nut in place. If jb-welding be sure to put jb-weld on bolt threads before installing nut then above nut as well. washer works as a stop for the socket to push against while using impact.
Countryboy engineering at its best! Lol.
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It is a 3/4 allen. I tried rigging up but then my 1/2 impact wouldn't break it loose even my 3/4 impact would not break it loose so i called a friend that runs a transmission shop and thankfully he had a Snap On 1/2 drive with a nice 3/4 shank on. Broke it loose instantly, glad to temove the screen and clean it. Wasn't real bad but had some green paint chips and some other junk. Thirteen gallons later no leaks, was able to take my transmission shop buddy 20 gallons of used oil when i took the tool back, good day.
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