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Looking at your pic, I'd say tires have about 30% left...good for another 5+ years!... and rims appear to only be rusted. I'd:
Remove tire, sandblast or wire brush rim to remove rust, loose paint, etc.
Treat any rusted areas with a rust converter... Extend or similar.
2 coats of primer on outside and 4+ HEAVY coats on inside.
Allow to thoroughly dry then 2 coats yellow and allow to thoroughly dry.
Replace/install tube, mount tire, add air, and...happy farming! Bob
It's worth a try but I wouldn't be surprised if the rim isn't a victim of calcium chloride. If so, you will probably find it's pretty bad once the tire is off and you wire brush it.

You didn't give a location but the tires are readily available and the rims are also available, although they are a bit harder to find. Both are experiencing some price inflation and supply chain shortages so if you really need them, I'd suggest getting the process going as you may wait a while- especially for the rim.

If this isn't a show tractor or even if it is. .. . you might try some of the used tractor parts places for the rim. If possible, I'd want to look at a used rim rather than having it shipped to you because what might be acceptable to someone else might not be acceptable to you and shipping on those is pretty pricey.

Tractor rims are also pretty readily reparable if you have a shop that does that kind of work. There's significant load on the rim but not high speed and within limits they can be repaired.

If by chance you are in Virgiina, PM me and I can give you some options.

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