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Titan stump bucket alignment

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I have purchased a number of titan attachments and they have all been great. I picked up the stump bucket this week and although it is built like a tank, the pins do not line up with the quick attach holes on the loader arms. I have subsequently found out this is a known issue. I have reached back out to titan to see what they will do. If I keep it, do you think it would hurt the function to grind down the pins to fit the hole? I also thought about cutting them off and welding them back on. Has anyone else ran into this?
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Contact Titan customer service. Since their garbage products have this problem all the time, many many people have gotten partial refunds in exchange for just modifying it yourself to fix it rather than sending it back for a replacement. If you have the skill and equipment to fix it, that is great, but you deserve at least a partial refund because of their garbage quality control. And they will give you that refund.

Btw, what does it tell you about how much it cost them to manufacture this junk? they have so many manufacturing defects that they are willy-nilly taking return shipments and sending replacements or refunding money constantly everyday. And yet still remain a profitable company in business. It speaks volumes about their company. They have literally made a lack of quality control a business model.
So you can send it back for a full refund, but if you still want the product, you have to buy a new one yourself? LOL. This company is just an abysmal example of how to conduct business. Sell a garbage product, then provide really responsive customer service shifting the work onto the customer to resolve problems, then count your money.
I spoke to titan. The said I could either return it for a full refund or have it repaired and they will compensate me for the cost. They said replacing it was not an option. They know this is an issue. I have sent them an invoice and await an answer
Well in that case, send it back and also send them an invoice for the mini excavator you now have to go rent to get the job done in a time. I'm they won't pay that though. The even crappier thing, when you send it back to them, they will probably just turn around and ship to the next guy who buys one.
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