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for this you need:

1 bag of tortillas

1 egg for every tortilla

cast iron skillet or equivalent

lard or butter not veggie oil.


before you start getting stuff out of the frig, start the skillet heating with a tea spoon of lard or butter. get 1 egg and crack it into the bowl. beat it with the fork until thoroughly mixed. set aside. get out a tortilla and put in a handy location were you can grab it quickly. dump the egg in the skillet and use the spatula to contain it in as small an area as possible. try to do this quickly, if the pan is hot enough, the egg will start to cook on contact ( which is what you want) as quickly as possible, put the tortilla on top of the egg. press it down with the spatula for a few seconds. dont press to hard, or the egg will run out from underneath:lol:. leave it for about a minute, lightly prodding it around the edges occasionally. when it slides freely, flip it over and press it down hard. leave it as long as you want. the longer you wait, the browner the tortilla will get. when it is browned to satisfaction, take it out of the pan and put it on a plate. dont let it get cold before you eat it. i cut strips off and role the strip up like sushi. you can also eat it like a taco, but this has potential for burnt hands:thumbsdown:

hope you enjoy!!!

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