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Tractor and attachments for sale

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I am selling my:

  • 2017 1025R with H120 FEL,
    • less than 200 hours
  • loaded tires and cenment filled ballast box,
  • imatch quickhitch
  • Artillian frame
  • Artillian grapple with 3rd function diverter
  • Artillian forks
  • John Deere 60" snow plow
I'm looking to establish price for the complete package now. Let me know if you have any interest.
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Forgot to mention that I am in central Michigan
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Amen SulleyBear. I am motivated to sell. If you are interested in a very nice, low hours tractor with nice attachments, please contact me.
There are trucks running across the toll road every day who will haul for a fee. Although its a 10 to 12 hour trip, If you are seriously interested, you should get a shipping quote from seller to buyer, You might be surprised.....

or you might end up with the doofus from the shipping reality show that always screwed stuff up, I think his name is Jared? You might want to skip any quotes from him........
I'd like to sell everything together. Besides, I don't want to have to remove the 3rd function. However, make me an offer and you might be surprised. A change of venue is calling me, and a tractor will not work where I'm heading.
Chipmeister, What are you asking for the Grapple?
I will keep you in mind @Willib , but I really hope to sell everything together.
FYI, I just checked, and I have 160.2 hours currently. Practically brand spankin' new!
No mower.

2017 1025R, with 163 hours currently, H120 FEL, iMatch, Artillain grapple and pallet forks, Piranha toothbar, John Deere 60" plow, Ken's bolt on hooks and step. Everything for $16k.
Mower deck?
yes it is
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Thank you to everyone for trying to find "Sprout" a good new home. I have just sold him to my Brother-in-Law, and so in some way, he's still in the family. It certainly was bittersweet seeing him on the back of someone else's trailer, heading out of my driveway.
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