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Tractor Scissor Lift Man Lift - Remove OTC

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Here is a unique attachment. A tractor or skid steer attached man-lift!

See it in action!

Tractor Scissor Lift! Removing Original Tractor Cab for Spring!
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I would buy one if I had a quick $12,000 dollars.
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I have nothing but admiration for your videos, for you, and for your family. You've come a long way in 6 short years, something you should be very proud of. However, the vast majority of the people following your videos and posts to this forum, the sub compact forum, are not best served by a review of attachments whose initial cost begins at the $12,000 dollar price point.

It's nice, actually awesome, that manufacturers, dealers, and resellers are willing to part with hardware for a period of time while you review/promote the goodness of that hardware. The vast majority of people frequenting this section of the site have no reason to own a man lift such as the one you are demonstrating in your video. In my case I do not have a single piece of ground level enough to use one, hence my purchase a $182 basket to use with my forks. Or do I own a business where that particular device could possibly be used. So now I would ask why you're promoting this man lift? I have a house to put ceder siding on, limbs to trim, paint to spray and windows to replace and still can't justify that type of money, even though I have it, for the lift you have demonstrated. That now brings me to the point where I suspect the man lift is on loan provided you demo the lift. All well and fine for you if you have some type of work other than some holes in a wall 6' above the floor. Silly don't you think?

I know, and am aware of people who will no longer view your page, but only because you are now starting to evaluate products of no interest to small tractor owners. Me? I would't mind seeing a 2 port Faster disconnect plumbed into the 3rd SCV of a 1023 or 1025. Or an evaluation/video of the little man cage I just bought, or 1000 other things that aren't $1200 man lifts or $8000 saws.

So in ending Tim. How about coming back to your base?
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I agree, so remember this forum is for SCUTs. Maybe post videos for this type impliment in a forum for larger trators or for people with large farms. Get the point?
How high will you loader go? I know my 3039 will not go anywhere near as high as the skid lift will.
Also, you do not represent everyone else. I wouldn't watch a video of a pallet fork man basket. That interests me about as much a video on how to use a scoop shovel.
Would I buy a Skid Lift? Probably not. But the video would most certainly help me decide if renting one would fit my needs.
I never said anything about representing anyone else. If you don't understand the English language, ask, someone will be glad to help you.

The exact statement was;
"I know, and am aware of people who will no longer view your page" .
Bobby, sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Fixed it for you.
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