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Tractor Scissor Lift Man Lift - Remove OTC

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Here is a unique attachment. A tractor or skid steer attached man-lift!

See it in action!

Tractor Scissor Lift! Removing Original Tractor Cab for Spring!
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True, but a little out of reach for the average homeowner. We didn't see much of the lift in the video. I was hoping we'd see how it hooked up, unhooked and how it operated in scenarios like we'd want to use it.
It was used for a platform (pun intended) for commercials for other products IMO.
Looks a hell of alot safer than the man lift on the front forks.
The title was a bit misleading then. "Tractor Scissor Lift Man Lift".
I believe Tim has said (in the man-lift thread) that the lift would be reviewed at a later time.
So the title is changed now? I quoted the original title. Don't assess me so quickly. I was interested in this lift as I had told my son in law about this lift when I first saw it. My SIL owns a roofing, siding and gutter installation company and has a tractor which could handle this lift. That was the reason I watched the video.
Happy Easter
Not sure why you are so negative on our videos.
The new scissor lift was clearly the star of this episode. ..and the title of the video says “Removing the Original Cab for Spring”

Had we devoted an episode to discussing the details of the lift, you would have complained that we don’t actually DO anything in our videos.

I’m sorry that our productions are not up to your standards. We are happy to refund your ticket price.

Maybe not major elevation changes but there is some flexibility. The links from the rock shaft arms to the three point arms are built so the three point arms on your tractor can lift up individually a limited amount.
It needs to be attached to the tractor anytime the lift is raised. The tractor (or skid steer) is part of the stability.

There is no way to handle major side to side elevation changes (without a tilt link) but front to back changes are trivial with a hydraulic top link :)
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That is not correct, see my post # 32. Either of my 3 pt. links can be lifted 4-5" with the 3 pt. at rest. They are designed to lift so if you hit something when running a brush cutter, other mower or ground engaging implement the implement can raise up to clear the obstruction.
Yes, the lower arms are splined to the rockshaft via the rigid lift links. They cannot move independently. The "tilt" cylinder works by essentially making a variable length lift link. :)
All three of my tractors are the same way. My Ford / NH 2110, JD 5065 and JD 5225. Those smaller tractors wouldn't handle the lift safely anyway if at all.
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