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Tractor Service Lift?

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My hamster is spinning the wheel again. In the Favorite Tools post I mentioned my two post lift. It is great; you place the vehicle between the posts and swing in the lift arms under the frame. Once positioned you lift the vehicle to the height you need. I want to run some wild ideas past you guys and some of you already know where this is going. Have you ever heard of lifting tractors? Do dealers have this ability or do they just crawl under them like I am doing now? Am I completely off my rocker? Strike that, it really does not pertain to this and is a completely different issue. I just think it would be great at times to lift the machine to a comfortable position like the cars (yeah I know my age is showing). And I like working easier and smarter not harder. I could raise it to be able to sit on my work stool and change oils.

Ok, now some details. First the lift is rated for 7000 lbs. and should not be an issue of capacity (at least not for my tractors). I have often thought it would be nice to lift the tractors with the decks on, but am not so sure this would be a big issue with the Deeres (way easy to remove), just an added bonus. It would have been with the Wheel Horses (a necessity).

Next consideration, lift points! First thought was some lift pads under the wheels. I have two issues on this one. First is the height difference off the floor or construction of the pads. Things are going to get big and heavy not to mention storing. I am of the simple and easy theory and nothing about drive-on supports is alluring. I have mulled this over and over and it just does not compute. It was looking like my only option for the Wheel Horses, thus I never did anything. My second issue is the safety concern of strapping or bolting down the unit. Just locking the brakes does not put my mind at rest on this one. Sure would hate to have things go awry here, again more messing around. Another thought on this was to remove the wheels and bolt on adapters. Don’t like it, too much dinking around to just put it on the lift, though it would probably work quite well.

The light bulb went on this morning, now no laughing! What do you guys think about lifting the machines by the FEL brackets? I am thinking the brackets should be designed heavy enough to support at least the front half. They are bolted to the frame. And, I can visualize some simple and effective adapters. I would have nothing to remove, just bolt or slip on. Just swing the lift arms into position and lift. Another option is to bolt a bracket to front frame cross member.

Now for the rear, I have two possible attaching points for the adapters, neither of which I favor one over the other at this point. One is an adapter to the 3pt in its full raised position of course. This would lend it self to the use of the quick hitch. And the other is an adapter off the drawbar. I am not exactly sure how this one would work yet. Any thoughts on this would be well appreciated in terms of one versus the other. I of course am open to other possible solutions.

What ever I do, the same adapters will need to work for both machines.

Well, let me have it. I know there are some that are going to cringe, but I really think this can be done safely. The key is lifting to known structural points that will withstand the weight. Oh, no need to suggest therapy I already know it’s needed.

Sorry for the short story, but I think it is all justified. I think Pete is rubbing off onto me.
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Very nice. Your shop looks like a fun place to be.
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